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SATZ is part of Ravencourt Ltd, a family owned UK company where our customers are at the heart of our business, established in 1984 by the Story family to manufacture science equipment for schools. The company has come a long way since then and has expanded into the world of daily living aids and products designed for people living with conditions such as visual impairment and Dementia.
Even with the company growing as it is in that space the SATZ brand lives on and we're still designing, manufacturing and delivering high quality school science equipment at affordable prices. Our product range has been expanding greatly in the past years with more and more on the way in the future too.

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As SATZ is a Ravencourt brand it is included in the Ravencourt Sustainability Project with the overarching goal of reducing carbon emissions and giving back to the environment where we can. We already use renewable packing for almost all our products and we are expanding this to all shipping materials both from the factory to us and from us to you!
We've also began giving back to the environment by planting trees and a wildflower meadow in the open space around our offices.

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